Prayer and music - Spiritual renewal with songs from Taizé


Ignatian Experiment MAGIS 2018 (14.7.-20.7. 2018)

SLOVAKIA - Ružomberok/Trlenská dolina


MAGIS TAIZÉ experiment will be at the Jesuit cottages in Trlenská dolina, (near Ružomberok) which is situated in beautiful countryside of Veľká Fatra, National Park, walking distance from Vlkolínec, pretected by UNESCO (info about Vlkolinec). Our experiment will be connected with prayers, music and songs from Taizé. The program will include meditations, common reflexion of biblical texts and space for quiet time, relaxations in nature and sport.


We will learn some songs from Taize with solos and also other liturgical and classical music.

See the way from city of Ružomberok to our cottages (clic)
Capacity: 16 persons + cca 10 musicians and singers (volunteers) from Slovakia + 2 cooks :)
Requirements: Positive attitude to songs from Taizé, silence, and prayer; good ear for music; basic experience with singing.

This MAGIS experiment will be guided by some professional musicians and students of music:
Ivana Chrapková (choir direction, solos)
Klárka Hoňková (flute)
Vlastimil Dufka SJ (leader of experiment, oboe)
Zuzana Michalíková (cello)
Monika Rahlová (piano)
Katarína Kameníkova (piano)

and other musicians and singers…:)


We invite you to seek and find God in nature, music, sung prayer, sport and community life.

See photos of MAGIS TAIZÉ experiment from MAGIS CE 2017 - click here


Our MAGIS TAIZÉ group will sing also during MAGIS prayers in Prague.

God, you love us,
so no matter how poor our prayer
we seek you with confidence.
Your love burrows a way
through our hesitations
and even through our doubts.
(Br. Roger)


For more informations about experiment: Vlastimil Dufka SJ
E-mail: vlastodufka/at/; Mobil: 00421/908 809 431